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ACER Staff Letters

The Agency’s Market Integrity and Transparency Department and Market Surveillance and Conduct Department may issue staff letters signed by the Heads of the Departments for the purposes of REMIT implementation. The following letter types can be distinguished:

Requests for Information

According to Article 6(8) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014, the Agency may request additional information and clarifications from market participants and reporting parties in relation to their reported data. Such requests for information will be made through requests for information issued by the Market Integrity and Transparency Department.

No-Action relief on ad hoc data reporting

A no-action letter is a written statement by the staff of the Market Integrity and Transparency Department and/or the Market Surveillance and Conduct Department of the Agency which specifies that the staff in question will not recommend that the Agency take action concerning a specific provision of REMIT or Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014. The letter binds only the staff of the Department(s) which issued the letter and only  with respect to the specific fact situation described in the letter.

The publication of no-action relief letters was discontinued in 2018. As of 2019, the Agency will be informing about its ad hoc data reporting activities regarding contracts listed in Article 4(1) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 in the ACER Annual Work Programme Documents.

Other Written Communication

Other written communication includes Open Calls for roundtable meetings and expert groups to support REMIT implementation.

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Second Open Letter on REMIT data quality

The purpose of this letter is to inform Organised Market Places (OMPs), Market Participants (MPs), Transmission System Operators (TSOs), System Storage Operators (SSOs), LNG System Operators (LSOs), and Registered Reporting Mechanisms (RRMs) that the Agency continues to conduct regular assessments of the completeness, accuracy and timely submission of the data received under REMIT. The letter is also intended to enable the Agency to liaise with reporting parties in order to further improve data reporting under REMIT. By reviewing the submitted data, the Agency aims to help the above-mentioned stakeholders to ensure that the data reported to the Agency is consistent with the REMIT reporting requirements

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Open Letter on Inside Information disclosure and the use of Inside Information Platforms (IIPs)

The purpose of this Open Letter is to inform the broader market about the position of the Agency with regard to certain aspects of inside information disclosure under REMIT. It is the Agency’s objective to make sure that all legal obligations concerning REMIT inside information disclosure are fulfilled.

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